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14 June 2009 @ 06:23 pm
Challenge 03 (SUMMER)  

The theme for this week is: SUMMER.
Submission Format:


- You may submit up to FOUR icons
-All icons must be made by YOU and meet LJ requirements: up to 100x100 pixels and less than 40 kb
-Finally please upload your icon somewhere where hotlinking is enabled e.g. photobucket, imageshack, tinypic ..you name it.

All comments wil be screened
Icon submission deadline will be on Friday the 19th of June 14:00 GMT, if you are unsure of the time please check here

P.S. PLEASE JOIN :) no matter if you're good or not, all submissions are always welcomed!
P.P.S. deadline submissions will be more regular soon.. once the entries are more stable :)
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Current Music: Hip Pop Boogie- Sakurai Sho